Microsoft offers us the LINUX BASH IN WINDOWS 10, this is the great feature for WINDOWS 10 users. NOW WINDOWS USERS CAN DOWNLOAD THE UBUNTU FROM THE MICROSOFT STORE and there is the options for user choice. So lets see, Linux for windows…

When you go to the Microsoft store and search for Ubuntu, you will got the THREE VERSIONS OF UBUNTU SHOWING THERE. UBUNTU 16.04 LTS, UBUNTU 18.04 LTS AND UBUNTU these 3 versions.


Why? here is the answer.

That is why because this is the CANONICAL’S NEW PLAN and due to this Microsoft offers to USE EITHER THE DEFAULT UBUNTU WHICH COMES WITH THE LATEST UBUNTU VERSION OR USE THE SPECIFIC VERSIONS OF UBUNTU. which is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

LTS stands for long term stability, LTS version is very stable and it will stable for next five years.

lets see one by one

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS | Linux for windows

It gives you the version of April 2016 Ubuntu release, codename is XERIAL XENES. It will give you security till April 2021.


Ubuntu 18.04LTS | Linux for windows

It gives you the version of April 2018 Ubuntu release, codename is BIONIC BEAVER. It will give you security till April 2023.



Ubuntu | Linux for windows

It is the latest version of Ubuntu for now Ubuntu 18.04 is the latest version of Ubuntu so, Ubuntu has 18.04 Version.



When the next update comes, Ubuntu will update but Ubuntu 16.04LTS and Ubuntu 18.04LTS will not get updated and still be same. So, here is one pros for that user who don’t want to get update, then he can go with the specific version.

So, this is the great tool featured by Canonical and Microsoft, use this if you have not Linux System, foe example for Linux class in Computer science and engineering first semester.