Teleconsole is a free command line tool for sharing terminal session with other people you trust. Your friend can join the terminal command line via SSH or their browser over HTTPS.

This tool can help you to asking for help when you stuck somewhere and connected people can help you by accessing your terminal remotely.

You can also forward local TCP port to your friend. For example, you are developing a web application on your localhost:3306 and you want to show the web application to your friend or clients, teleconsole will create a public link and by using that link, others can access the localhost via internet.

How exactly Teleconsole works

Remember, it requires localhost running on your system. When you type teleconsole on terminal, It generates unique and single use SSH credentials and launches an SSH server on your localhost.

SSH credentials are posted via HTTPS to a free anonymous SSH proxy on

Then the server creates a single use unique instance of teleport SSH proxy, which is trusted by teleconsole SSH server running on your system.

Same time, your local teleconsole SSH server creates a outbound SSH tunnel to the Teleport running on and it’s like a bridge connecting the outside world to your system.


When you type teleconsole on your terminal, It creates a unique session Id and this unique session id is used by your friend to connect with your terminal.

And also It generates a web link, by using the link, your friend can join your terminal from anywhere in the world, required internet.

How to install Teleconsole

The very easy and fast way to install teleconsole on your system, type the following command in your terminal.

$ curl | sh


[teleconsole installing]

If you need more control over the teleconsole, you can also download the latest binaries for your platform from github and this is open source.

After Installing Teleconsole, type teleconsole on your terminal to generate the unique Teleconsole ID. And it’s also generate a web address for sharing terminal by web browser.

For example

[teleconsole starting]

Ask your friend to run this command for joining your terminal.

$ teleconsole join 4bc2b5138360d343379b9043083c48eb7084c3b8


[joining through teleconsole]

and noe you both are using same terminal session running on your system, even you are on separate networks separated by NAT.

You can check its working by opening second terminal and typing the following command in your second terminal.

To end the session and disconnect, simply exit Teleconsole or close the terminal window it is running in.


Please understand that by running teleconsole you are virtually giving the keyboard to anyone who knows the session URL. We made session IDs sufficiently hard to guess, but you are still running an SSH server accessible via public Internet during the Teleconsole session.

           – Teleconsole

Port forwarding – After installing teleconsole

Port forwarding is very useful for the web developers for sharing the web application to the friends or clients.

Uploading the whole web application source file on a public web server is a little bit time consuming so that you can forward your port to your friends or clients to show them the web application running on your localhost.

let’s assume your web application is running on http://localhost:3300 . Then you can make it _a_ccessible by your friends or clients if you forward port 3300. Use this command to forward port 3300 when you start a new session of Teleconsole:

$ teleconsole -f localhost:3300

When your friends join the session, they got this message:

$ teleconsole join 4bc2b5138360d343379b9043083c48eb7084c3b8 ATTENTION: elliot has invited you to access port 5000 on their machine via localhost:9000

Then typing the http://localhost:3300 on their browser they can access your web application.

Teleconsole is just an SSH server, once you started the session, your friend can access the localhost without knowing you.


Thats’it, I hope, this will be helpful to you. see you soon.