If you are a programmer and you are using Linux operating system, You have lots of text editors to compile your program. you use simple text editors to compile and run your program.

But this is only for small programs or code. When you have to write code for a project which contains lots of file, then you have to download IDE for writing and executing the program.

There are lots of great softwares and IDEs are available on Ubuntu.. But I recommend you Eclipse because it is very customisable and having lots of features.

Eclipse editor for Ubuntu | eclipse IDE on Ubuntu

  • Auto compiling
  • build/debug at writing time and shows error if you have.
  • auto completion of syntax
  • great workspace view

Using sudo apt-get , there is a problem with ECLIPSE, It will be not updated on Ubuntu. It will gave you the versions Eclipse which comes in 2012 or earlier. SO, YOU TWO OPTIONS TO INSTALL IT ON YOUR UBUNTU SYSTEM.

1.From It’s official website

Go to Eclipse official website and download the latest version of eclipse.

this may be little bit confusing and tricky, I am going to give you a very easy way to install eclipse on Ubuntu in 2nd option

2.Through Ubuntu-make

You can download the latest version of eclipse from Ubuntu-make. Ubuntu-make will download the source code of latest version of eclipse ide and execute on the desktop.

For more information about this

This is the easy and good idea for us. I recommend this.

In order to install eclipse on ubuntu through ubuntu-umake you have to install Ubuntu-make first. So, lets get started.


$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-make
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-make

After installing the Ubuntu-make, everything becomes easy to download. Follow the below commands and download the packages as per your required.

Eclipse IDE for java developers – For java developers, they can install eclipse with java IDE by this command.

umake ide eclipse

For java EE developer Eclipse IDE – For java enterprise edition developers

umake ide eclipse-jee

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers – For C/C++ development, you can install eclipse IDE for C/C++ by this command

umake ide eclipse-cpp

Eclipse IDE for PHP developers – If you want to write and execute php files, php developers use this command to install php package for Eclipse

umake ide eclipse-php

You will got the latest version of eclipse IDE. Further you can read more things on my blog.

I hope this will be helpful for you. SPREAD THE LOVE AND SHARE <3