10 Firefox Tools For Ethical Hacking And Security

FIREFOX is the best web browser for web developers and hackers by Mozilla. It has feature that you can add extension to the browser, that’s cool. We use the browser for browsing the websites, Ever you think that you can use it for security and even Ethical hacking.

The option of add extentions on Firefox browser is in Menu bar named ADD-ONS.There are thousands of Add-ons available but I will give you the list of best Add-ons which is the best for security and ethical hacking. You can use it for penetration, information gathering and attacking also. So here are the 10 Firefox Tools For Ethical Hacking And Security.

1.Foxyproxy Standard

Foxyproxy is an advanced proxy management tool. It can automatically switches an internet connection across one or more proxy servers based on URL patterns. it improves the built in proxy capabilities of Firefox. Their are lots of similar proxy management add-ons available on Firefox. But Foxyproxy gives you extra more features. It shows an animated icon, When it is in use.

You can add Foxyproxy Standard to firefox browser from here. Foxyproxy Standard

If you are beginner in this field, I suggest to use Foxyproxy Basic first. Add Foxyproxy Basic from here. Foxyproxy Basic


A tons of features in Hackbar like load, split, execute URL from address bar, custom / add referrer url, user agent, cookie. It provides some great tools for ethical hacking.

Hackbar tools: md5, sha1, sha256, rot13encryption, URL, base64encoding, beautifier, json data and much more.

You can add Hackbar to Firefox browser from here. Hackbar

3.HTTP Header Live

It is really helpful penetration testing add-on for Firefox. It displays, the live HTTP requests and responses.

You can add HTTP Header Live to Firefox browser from here. HTTP Header Live

4.Web Security

it is a complete penetration testing tool itself. Web Security protects you from malware, tampered sites, phishing sites or any other sites that aim is to steam personal data. It Gives you real time protection and save your computer from harming or obtaining personal data. This is easy and free to install.

Add Web Security to Firefox browser from here. Web Security

You can edit the cookies which are related to the current page. You can edit from the pop up window, to can change the properties and even delete the cookies. Cookie Editor is very useful for Ethical hacker, Start playing with this.

Add Cookie Editor to Firefox browser from here. Cookie Editor

6.User Agent Switcher

It helps to creates and switch user agents during performing attacks if you need help. A toolbar pop-window provides an easy interface to access 12 user agents. This is also a best plugin for Ethical hackers.

Add User Agent Switcher to Firefox browser from here. User Agent Switcher

7.Grease Monkey

It is just opposite to noscript, noscript will disable the scripts and Grease Monkey run them. You can write and use your own script to customize view and behavior of any web page you want. It helps to enhance any site by yourself. There are lots of built in codes on its website http://wiki.greasemonkey.net , You can use it to personalize a website which is your favorite one.

You can add Grease Monkey to Firefox browser from here. Grease Monkey


It is very interesting, it’s shows the country’s flag of the web server of the current website. It helps to know the location of server. And one more thing, It’s limit doesn’t finished here. It’s provides information gathering tools like site safety checks, whois, translation, similar sites, validation, URL shortening and many more.

Add Flagfox to Firefox browser from here. Flagfox

this plugin lets you search on Offsec exploit archive http://exploit-db.com. This website is always up to date with latest exploits and vulnerabilities.

Add Offsec Exploit-db Search to Firefox browser from here. Offsec Exploit-db Search

10.Web Developer

It provides an interface to inspect the HTML, CSS , script code for the web page. You can also edit the code and it will display the current output, that’s cool feature which I like on Firefox.

Add Web Developer to Firefox browser from here. Web Developer