Whats New Features In Ubuntu 18.04LTS Update

Ubuntu 18.04 features

Ubuntu 18.04 comes with bunch of new features which is really exited? Ohhooo!

If you want to know how to install Ubuntu 18.04 if your system has not already installed click here

Features that can be lovable

1.New GNOME Shell Desktop layout

A whole bunch of new features available for Desktop layout. let’s see this.

Ubuntu 18.04 features

  • Activities
  • Application menu
  • clock and calender
  • System menu
  • Launcher
  • Apps buttun

These features may be different if you are updating from different versions, but dont worry soon it will be same.

2.Easier app installation with PPAs

to installing the PPAs we had to use these lines of commands

sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url]

sudo apt update

sudo apt install [app name]

But in Ubuntu 18.04, it runs the second line command automatically and update the repository list. So, we need to type only these commands.

sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url]

sudo apt install [app name]


Difinately it will save your time.

3.Minimal install option

When you are installing ubuntu 18.04, ubuntu gaves you to the option of minimal install. This might be good thing

4.Easier Screenshots and Screen Recording

In Ubuntu Operation System we use print screen to capture the Screnshot of the desktop. But, there is lot’s of feature in Ubuntu 18.04. We can capture the only active window by typing ALT + PrintScreen. You can also select the are of the capture by pressing Shift + PrintScreen.

To record the screen we use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + PrintScreen. and this video will save in your video folder. You can stop the recording by typing the same code again.

Ubuntu 18.04 Features in Brief

Ubuntu 18.04 Features in Brief

1.New GNOME shell desktop

2.Updated apps

3.New to do app

4.Linux kernal 4.15

5.Support for colorful emoji

6.Support to thunderbolt 3

7.Minimal install option

8.Access to snap store


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