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10 best ubuntu themes

Linux has full freedom to customize and make it own. After installing Ubuntu 18.04 we have to do lots of customizing to make Ubuntu personal. However Ubuntu’s default theme GNOME is great but sometimes we wants something different from others. There are lots of Ubuntu themes on the web you can install but I am listing here best themes for Ubuntu 18.04. So, let’s get started it’s time to personalize our Ubuntu looking.

10 Best themes for Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Adapta
  2. Arc Ambiance
  3. Numix
  4. Pop
  5. Matcha
  6. Vimix
  7. Flat Remix
  8. Vertex
  9. Materia

let’s see one by one with screenshots and downloading options.


Adapta is one of the most popular theme for Ubuntu available on the web. Adapt is more than just a theme, it contains a theme as well as icons and wallpapers. Adapta has multiple variations. In other hand, Adapta is clean and flat. It is clearly Inpired by Google’s Material Design specications. It looks very cool as latest android devices.


adapta theme image
Image credit : Adapta themes


Adapta is an open-source theme.

Arc Ambiance

If you are like Ubuntu default theme GNOME then Arc Ambiance is great fit for you. It’s just enhance the default theme and made it great looking and user interface. It has more coloring feature that you can customize yourself for your choice.

Arc Ambiance is Arc, just re-colored to fit Ubuntu. It is an open-source theme.


Arc Ambiance image
Arc ambiance | image credit GTK3 THEMES



One of the modern and open-source Ubuntu theme. Numix is always in trend and best theme in the world of linux customization. As of now, many people use Numix’s excellent icon theme, but the GTK theme still looks good. It’s just similar to Ubuntu in color like oranges and greys. Once you have installed Numix on your Ubuntu desktop you falls in love with Numix by sure.


numix theme | linuxhacker
image credit : numix theme



Pop is made by System76, in fact System76 has been making Ubuntu based PCs for years. System76 decided to contribute something in Ubuntu so, they made Pop! OS Ubuntu theme. Pop! OS theme includes icons and wallpapers too. The Pop! Theme is quite different from others and It uses browns and blues for majority of it’s coloring.

If you like to gave unique look to your Ubuntu desktop and Impress to your friends, try Pop!


pop os theme by system76
image credit: gtk themes



Want to cross between Adapta and Ark Ambiance? thats’s Matcha. Matcha is a clean and simple material based theme that uses mostly cool colors to implement a unique desktop view. Matcha does have several color options but when we talk about it’s own icons, it’s fails. But it’s not a huge cons because it can pair with several popular icon themes. Matcha is good for simplicity.


matcha theme for ubuntu
image credit : Matcha theme



Vimix is another theme from the designers of Matcha. It has lots of color options in its multiple variants.Actually, Vimix takes a more colorful approach to material. Just like Matcha, Vimix doesn’t come with inbuilt icons but it didn’t hard to find a great icon theme with Vimix variant of your choice.


vimix theme for ubuntu
image credit : vimix theme


Flat Remix

A very much clean and flat design can be implemented by Flat Remix theme. Flat Remix theme is an open-source theme. It’s overall look is much cleaner. It’s comes with several variants based around different colors. Flat Remix comes with inbuilt icon set which is gret fit for Flat Remix theme. Again, for simplicity and clean interface Flat Remix is the best.


flat remix theme for ubuntu
image credit : flat remix theme



Vertex is another theme that’s around with us for a while. It extends the classic design and colors and made some extra good looking. Rather than being in trend, Vertex still classic and not using modern design trends. You can customize icons for great looking.


vertex theme for ubuntu linuxhackr
image credit : vertex theme



Yeah, Another material theme. Materia uses the material in the right way as possible as in order to looks great and cool. That includes components like the lock screen that are often overlooked. Materia offers different color variants, but it’s looks great no matter which option you choose for your desktop.


materia theme for ubuntu
image credit : materia theme


Gnome osX

You can make your ubuntu desktop looks like mac by using this theme. Color scheme, view of windows is slightly same as Apple mac OS. For those of you who enjoy a slightly less flat theme and you like red, yellow and green button schema for the close, minimize and maximize buttons, then this theme is perfect for you. It’s give you feature that Ubuntu looks like mac!


gnome OSx theme
image credit: gnome OSx theme



Okay, that was your best 10 themes for your Ubuntu desktop. If any best theme remains, please let me know in comment box. You can download and install you know. All themes I mentioned above is free and open-source for install and use. I’m sure it might be helpful to you to make Ubuntu yours. Have fun!

Note: Ubuntu 17.10 expired on july 19, you must upgrade to 18.04. how to update Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04 LTS.

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