How to Run Android Apps on PC using Chrome

how to run android apps on PC

Hey there, Today I am going to write this article for those who want to run Android apps on PC. Sometimes this might need to run Android apps in case if you are not using an android mobile phone or you don’t have the smartphone. So let’s get started.

How to run Android apps on PC

prerequisite: Your system must support chrome

We are using Arc Welder which is the great extension for running android apps on PC. Follow the steps easily.

Step 1: install arc welder

Arc welder is an extension of chrome. In order to install go to the chrome app store. Search for arc welder in the search box. You can see in results arc welder extension. Looks like this picture. I have download it already.

installing chrome extension arc builder
installing arc builder

click on add to chrome to install this extension on chrome. You are done with installing now this is the time for downloading apks for installing android apps on PC using ARC welder.

Step 2: install apk

Whichever android app you want, go to the google and search for it. Download the apk’s from any trusted apk provider sites, for example, apkmirror.

I recommend you that install the latest apk only.

step 3: final step – run

All things we did till now, we installed ARC welder and we downloaded apk for the app which we want to run in our PC. Now, this is the time for run ARC welder.

Go to the chrome and click on the arc welder icon. Then launch the arc welder extension which looks like this.

running android app using apk in PC using chrome extension arc builder
run an android app using apk

click on add apk the select the apk which you have downloaded

apk selection for arc builder for run android apps on PC .
apk selection for arc builder

then it will ask you for some basic setting for the app that how an application looks like.

set up the apk for arc builder in order to run android apps on PC
set up the apk for arc builder in order to test the android app

Then test the app to a run the application. That’s it. Enjoy the android app on PC.

Android app is running on PC using ARC builder
yeaah! It is working

Arc welder allows running one app a time. When you try to run another app it’s shows something like this. You must remove the 1st app which you have installed in order to run another app.

remove the existing app before launching the another app
remove the existing app before launching the another app

Some apps working on ARC welder some don’t work.

I think this tutorial might helpful to you. Write your queries or blessings in the comment box, if you want to say something or you got difficulties during the process.

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