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How to install latest version of Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu.

If you are a programmer and you are using Linux operating system, You have lots of text editors to compile your program. you use simple text editors to compile and run your…

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There are 3 versions of Ubuntu in Microsoft Store, for what?

linux on windows, linuxhackr, linuxhacker, linux hacker

Microsoft offers us the Linux bash in windows 10, this is the great feature for windows 10 users. Now windows users can download the Ubuntu from the Microsoft store and there is…

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10 Open Source Tools for Hacking in 2018

There are lots of hacking tools on the web which are used for penetration testing, network scanning, password cracking attacking, information gathering and many more. So, finding the great tool is very…

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How to setup Localhost on your Computer using XAMPP

how to set up local server on your computer using xampp by linuxhackr

In order to test the web applications before uploading it to server, run the php file or host from your own computer you need to set up the Localhost web server on…

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10 Firefox Tools For Ethical Hacking And Security

ethical and hacking tools, linuxhackr

Firefox is the best web browser for web developers and hackers by Mozilla. It has feature that you can add extension to the browser, that’s cool. We use the browser for browsing…

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How To Make Ubuntu Bootable Usb USB Flash Drive For Windows

Create Ubuntu Bootable USB Flash Drive For Windows - linuxhackr

It is very easy to make ubuntu bootable usb Flash Drive For Windows. It is very easy to make Ubuntu bootable USB stick with the latest version of Ubuntu. So, Follow these…

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Whats New Features In Ubuntu 18.04LTS Update

Ubuntu 18.04 features

Ubuntu 18.04 comes with bunch of new features which is really exited? Ohhooo! If you want to know how to install Ubuntu 18.04 if your system has not already installed click here…

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How To Update Ubuntu 17.10 To 18.04 LTS

The good news for Linux lovers, the new version of Ubuntu has been came and ready to work. The new version of Ubuntu 18.04 has been released. For Ubuntu 17.10 users here…

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