How To Make Ubuntu Bootable Usb USB Flash Drive For Windows

Create Ubuntu Bootable USB Flash Drive For Windows - linuxhackr

It is very easy to make ubuntu bootable usb Flash Drive For Windows. It is very easy to make Ubuntu bootable USB stick with the latest version of Ubuntu. So, Follow these simple steps for Create Ubuntu Bootable USB…

1.Download Ubuntu ISO file

You have to download the Ubuntu .iso file from the ubuntu website which is required to Intall Ubuntu.

Download the latest version of Ubuntu which is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. LTS stands for long term Stability and LTS is the most stable version of the OS.

System requirements for ubuntu 18.04
RAM Atleast 2 GB
Atleast 25GB hard drive
2GHz dual core processor or better

So, Download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from here

download ubuntu from ubuntu website, linuxhackr
Ubuntu Website Official

Then click on the Download button

download ubuntu software in this image - linuxhackr

So, You successfully downloaded the .iso file of Ubuntu 18.04 and your PC is compatible for this version.

Now, we have to prepare the USB. Make sure during writing the ISO file on USB, everything which is available in USB will be deleted, So check this again if you have something in it like some great memories which never come back after deleting.

2.Make USB Bootable

To make USB bootable we have to install one more application called Rufus. Download Rufus from here

After downloading the Rufus, Follow these steps to write Ubuntu on USB Flash drive
1 : Launch the Rufus

2 : Insert the USB stick into the PC

3 : Choose your USB disk in Device field in Rufus

4 : Select the ISO file which you have downloaded
Create Ubuntu Bootable USB - rufus - linuxhackr

5 : leave all options as it is and click start to initiate the writing process. you will got a alert message, Choose write in iso image and press OK
rufus, during creating bootable ubuntu stick
Remember again, all previews data in USB will be deleted
Wait for sometime [ Approx 2-3 minutes ]to completing the written process

Now, you have a bootable Ubuntu USB Stick. You can use it to install Ubuntu on your PC

Further you can read How to install Ubuntu from USB drive

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