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Hosting is little much confusing for the developers or business owners. Choosing best reliable and cheap hosting is very tough work. But I am telling you that go for digital ocean.

By researching my whole 2-3 months for my python app, Finally I decided to use digital ocean instead of using google cloud platform or heroku or anything else.

You can get 100$ on sign up for free.

This is very fast and also more secure than other hosting providers. You can run almost all the apps or programming languages here. This thing makes the world best hosting provider to digital ocean

free digital ocean

Here I am going to listing the benefits of using digital ocean.


  • Cheap. For just 5 dollars you will get an SSD based-VM with 512-MB RAM, 20-GB disk space and 1-TB of transfer.
  • Digital Ocean beats many other VPS competitors
  • Digital Ocean’s technical-support is brilliant
  • IPv6 for Droplets
  • Automatic back-ups for the least-expensive server configuration normally costs just a dollar/month
  • The officially maintained “One click Installs” are available for Redmine, LAMP, Docker, WordPress and Ruby on Rails.


  • You need to good developer in order to  use their services.

  • Digital Ocean doesn’t have a SAN.
  • You can’t install the system by yourself

Digital ocean is better than Google cloud storage or other hosting providers.

Here the good news is you will get 100$ on sign up with digital ocean.

All the best, for you app future. Thanks!

One more thing, If you will use this link, at least I will got some bucks for my coffee.

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