How to Connect Database to IntelliJ Idea

In Ultimate edition of IntelliJ, database bundle comes with in built. But if you are using the community edition, database not comes with that. So, I will guide you that, how to connect database to intellij idea.

how to connect database to intellij idea

If you are using ultimate edition of IntelliJ, simply go to view | tool window | database and connect it . But foe ultimaate edition, you have to download a plugin named Database Navigator. You can download it by settings in Intellij by going Files | Settings | Plugins | browse repositories | Database Navigator.

Installing database navigator
Installing database navigator

Sometimes, it shown the error message, then no problem you can download Database Navigator by Jetbrain site also. In order to download it go to and download it.

Then you have to go in the same place Files | Settings | Plugins | browse repositories and click on Install plugin from disk. Select the package which you have downloaded and then click on restart intelliJ idea.

Install database navigator from disk

After restarting, go to view | tool window | db browser . In order to connect database, click on + sign and select your perferred database. In my case I prefer mySQL so, here the screenshots of connecting mySQL with intelliJ idea.


You can choose any database and connect, this is very easy.


creating database in intelli j idea


connecting mysql to intellij idea


Now you can access all the databases, which you have connected from here.


access database from intellij


That’s it, Enjoy … Happy coding…

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