10 Open Source Tools for Hacking in 2018

There are lots of hacking tools on the web which are used for penetration testing, network scanning, password cracking attacking, information gathering and many more. So, finding the great tool is very time consuming and confusing.

I will give you the best 10 hacking tools which is the best all time. And these are used to increase your security or crack security of any system.

I am sharing this just for knowledge and helping to ethical hackers, my aim is not to promote hackers.

So, lets get started!

1.NMAP | Best hacking tools 2018

Network mapper is a free and open source software which is very important for hacking or ethical hacking.

It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

We use this tool for vulnerability detection, penetration testing, host discovery, port scanning, OS detection and many more.

By this tool you can collect information about network, what hosts are available on this network, Operating system and how many ports are open on that network.

Ethical hackers are using this tool for detects the loop holes in your computer and to increase the security. But, hackers can use this together the information about the victim.

linuxhackr 10 hacking tools 2018

Download NMAP from here

2.Metasploit | Best hacking tools 2018

Metasploit is world most used penetration testing framework. it is free and open source software used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine.

Metasploit is used to vulnerability of computer system.

It is a powerful tool, it require lots of practice, overnight practice to learn.

It is available for linux, windows and mac OS.


Download Metasploit from here

3.Burp suite | Best hacking tools 2018

Burp suite is an integrated platform for testing the security of web applications. with a little affort you can start using the core features of Burp Suite to test the security of web applications.

linuxhackr top 10 ethical hacking tool 2018

Download Burp Suite from here

4.Wireshark | Best hacking tools 2018

Wireshark is a free and open source for network packet analyser. It is used for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communication protocol development.

Go with Wireshark, it is very interesting.

hacking tool - 2018 - linuxhackr

Download Wireshark from here

5.Nessus | Best hacking tools 2018

Nessus is remote scanning security tool, which scan the system and alert if found any vulnerability that malicious hacker could use for access your system.

It is developed by Tenable Network Testing.

hacking tool 2018 linuxhaxkr

Download Nessus from here

6.Nikto | Best hacking tools 2018

Nikto is a web server scanner which perform the tests against the web server for multiple times.

It will test the web server in quickest time possible.

hacking tool 2018 linuxhackr

Download Nikto from here

7.Net Stumbler | Best hacking tools 2018

Net Stumbler is a tool for windows that provides the facility of detection of wireless LANs.

It used to detect the causes of wireless interference.

hacking tool 2018 linuxhackr

Download Net Stumbler from here

8.LC4 | Best hacking tools 2018

LC4 is a password auditing and recovery tool.

It is used to test the password strength and sometimes to recover the last microsoft windows password by using dictionary, brute force attack and hybrid attacks.

hacking tool 2018 linuxhackr

Download LC4 from here

9.Ettercap | Best hacking tools 2018

Ettercap stands for Ethernet Capture, it is a network security tool for man-in-middle attacks.

You can run Ettercap on linux, windows and mac OS

hacking tools 2018 linuxhackr

Download Ettercap from here

10.Angry IP scanner | Best hacking tools 2018

Angry IP scanner can scan IP address in any range. it can freely copied and used to everywhere.

It can gather any information about scanned IPs.

hacking tools 2018 linuxhackr

Download Angry IP Scanner from here

Hacking is not limited till here, there are lots of things are available for hacking curios peoples. Play with networks and servers. All the best.

So, I hope that was helpful for you, Spread the love and share <3

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