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Install Android Studio for Ubuntu 18.10

Installing android studio on ubuntu

Hello everybody, today I am going to write about the installation of android studio. How to install android studio for Ubuntu 18.10 system. We all know that, there are lots problems during…

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How to Run Android Apps on PC using Chrome

how to run android apps on PC

Hey there, Today I am going to write this article for those who want to run Android apps on PC. Sometimes this might need to run Android apps in case if you…

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How to access Localhost from Internet using Ngrok

If you are a web developer, then you are using localhost for testing your website. But you probably want to share your website to your clients or your friends to show them….

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How to Compile and Run C/C++ programs in Ubuntu

How to Compile and Run C/C++ programs in Ubuntu

Compiling C/C++ programs are most easier in Linux using terminal using commands. There is no separate software required to download on your system. Only you have to install a free Linux package…

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How to setup Localhost on your Computer using XAMPP

how to set up local server on your computer using xampp by linuxhackr

In order to test the web applications before uploading it to server, run the php file or host from your own computer you need to set up the Localhost web server on…

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10 Firefox Tools For Ethical Hacking And Security

ethical and hacking tools, linuxhackr

Firefox is the best web browser for web developers and hackers by Mozilla. It has feature that you can add extension to the browser, that’s cool. We use the browser for browsing…

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Digital ocean, best hosting provider, Get 100$ Free

free hosting

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How to Install Themes on Ubuntu 18.04 using Gnome Tweaks

how to install themes on ubuntu - linuxhackr

In order to install and set up themes on Ubuntu, you can download themes using PPA repository or from the web but you need a separate tool for setting up the external…

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10 Best Themes For Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

10 best ubuntu themes

Linux has full freedom to customize and make it own. After installing Ubuntu 18.04 we have to do lots of customizing to make Ubuntu personal. However Ubuntu’s default theme GNOME is great…

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What is Ubuntu Server? Introduction

ubuntu server explained

What is Ubuntu server ? Ubuntu server is a Ubuntu operating system which is developed by Canonical and opensource programmers from the world. It is used to serve websites, file shares, and…

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Teleconsole – Share your Terminal with Others | Port Forwarding

teleconsole - share your terminal with your others

Teleconsole is a free command line tool for sharing terminal session with other people you trust. Your friend can join the terminal command line via SSH or their browser over HTTPS. This…

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How to Connect Database to IntelliJ Idea

In Ultimate edition of IntelliJ, database bundle comes with in built. But if you are using the community edition, database not comes with that. So, I will guide you that, how to…

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How to Install latest version of Python3.6 on Ubuntu 16.04

Python is a very powerful programming language. It is easy to lean and very simple to understand syntax. It is very efficient scripting language, that is why it is very popular now…

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